Wrought iron italy

Wrought iron italy

Bottega del ferro

Italian wrought iron since 1984

A new expression frontier stimulates and enriches the imagination of those observing us. Customers or simple visitors discover the joy of research and step into a world of creativity.

Bottega del Ferro is the place where ideas "wrought iron italy" take shape and acquire value, where the specific material machining procedure and the experimentation thereof are suitable for endless variations and transformation, always straining to get off the beaten track the society set for us to step into a world of distinctiveness and uniqueness that make us matchless.

Our products italian wrought iron are the fruit of our work but above all the fruit of our passion.

Details, taste, precision and class are the force behind our success.

This is the path we have been treading since 1984 and we continue down the same road.

Production wrought iron italy as iron gates, metal fences, iron staircase and much more