Cavedium aeration grid

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Cavedium Aeration Skylight

Cavedium aeration grid

Ventilation grid air made in Villongo (BG). This ventilation grid is tailored to the needs of our customers. This ventilation grid has a double advantage: can be walked on and can completely isolate the underlying environment in case of rain. There are different types of grids. In the particular case of this grid of ventilation air, the solution was designed to give light and ventilation to a basement area. The matrix in this case is above a spa area and allows you to admire the sky during a moment of relax. This solution has been designed and created by Bottega del Ferro is the request of a specific customer. Client: private house.

A properly designed ventilation grille assure maximum indoor air quality and the highest efficiency of ventilation, ensuring natural lighting and air circulation. These solutions guarantee maximum safety of the environment and people, through aesthetically, refined solutions careful to design and realized with great efficiency and resistance materials. Proper ventilation ensures a correct humidity level of the environment, prevents the formation of mold, reduces the risk of attracting small animals.

In the pictures you can see different ventilation grid solutions designed, produced and implemented by Bottega del Ferro.

Cavedium aeration grid for a private residence in Villongo (Bergamo), designed and built by Bottega del Ferro.

Bottega del Ferro is proud to introduce cavedium aeration grid cavedium aeration skylight.
Bottega del Ferro provides wrought iron works: cavedium aeration grid, cavedium aeration grid wrought iron railings, iron gates, iron parapets, iron banisters, grilles, wrought iron stairs as well as industrial architecture and wrought iron furnishing accessories.