Aeration grid

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Cavedium Aeration Skylight

Aeration grid

Cavedium aeration grid made in Gardone Riviera (Brescia) by Bottega del ferro. This grid that can be walked on is capable of fully insulating the underlying environment in case of rain. Designed and created by Bottega del Ferro. Customer: Private residence.

The air vents are an ideal solution to ensure proper ventilation of underground rooms and basements, ensuring ventilation of rooms. The livability of the spaces must be ensured in fact in all the rooms of your home. The basement window wells have the particularity to ensure livability, ventilation and lighting for special environments such as cellars, taverns, and everyone realized queli spaces below ground level. The air vents can be realized in different materials, and only provide the function to illuminate the spaces below or also provide ventilation, through the design and installation of metal grids, including the iron grid. In this case it is necessary to provide a system for the disposal of rainwater.

The air vents and an iron grid can be integrated directly in the design phase, but can be an excellent solution subsequently also to solve problems of mold, moisture and bad ventilation of previously built premises.

The basement window wells of Bottega del Ferro are entirely made and tailored to the needs of our customers.

Cavedium aeration grid for a private residence in Gardone Riviera (Brescia), designed and built by Bottega del Ferro.

Bottega del Ferro is proud to introduce aeration grid cavedium aeration skylight.
Bottega del Ferro provides wrought iron works: aeration grid, aeration grid wrought iron railings, iron gates, iron parapets, iron banisters, grilles, wrought iron stairs as well as industrial architecture and wrought iron furnishing accessories.