Little cavedium skylight

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Cavedium Aeration Skylight

Little cavedium skylight

This skylight that can be walked on is capable of fully insulating the underlying environment in case of rain. Designed and created by Bottega del Ferro.

These products are perfect to replace old existing iron grilles. Such a product is available in several sizes to fit all needs, it has several versions from one to three grids. These skylights are pedestrian and vehicular traffic, with clear glass, opaque or white, easy to mantain and cleaning. These skylights are designed for small atrium with a single water drainage grate and only one ventilation grille.

All our products are custom made according to specific customer requirements and installation takes place throughout Italy and abroad.

Customer: Private residence.

Cavedium aeration grid for a private residence, designed and built by Bottega del Ferro. This kind of grid pump in air but not water.

Bottega del Ferro is proud to introduce little cavedium skylight cavedium aeration skylight.
Bottega del Ferro provides wrought iron works: little cavedium skylight, little cavedium skylight wrought iron railings, iron gates, iron parapets, iron banisters, grilles, wrought iron stairs as well as industrial architecture and wrought iron furnishing accessories.