Green aeration skylight

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Cavedium Aeration Skylight

Green aeration skylight

Aeration skylights available in various sizes made and installed by Bottega del Ferro.

Our patented products are addressed to all those who have basements in their housing (taverns, garages, cellar) and they face the problem of air vents and grilles for basement windows. The grids for basement windows indeed, although solving the ventilation problems of underground rooms, facilitate the passage of dirt, insects, mold and require constant cleaning of the hopper window. Our skylight instead provides both ventilation of underground rooms, both the hygiene and cleanliness of the basement window thanks to a patented system that will make your hopper windows driveways and walkable.

In particular, the our green skylight for the garden is particularly suitable for all those air vents formed inside the green spaces of your home gardens, below which develop underground rooms. Our Skylight for Green Garden is in fact made in a pleasant green color, both the structure and the glass, made to blend in with your garden and be as invisible and unobtrusive.

Replace your traditional grill with the Skylight for air vents by Bottega del Ferro and solve the problems of moisture and dirt without sacrificing the exchange of air and brightness of your underground environments

Bottega del Ferro is proud to introduce green aeration skylight cavedium aeration skylight.
Bottega del Ferro provides wrought iron works: green aeration skylight, green aeration skylight wrought iron railings, iron gates, iron parapets, iron banisters, grilles, wrought iron stairs as well as industrial architecture and wrought iron furnishing accessories.