Wrought iron products

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Bottega del Ferro builds wrought iron works: metal fences, wrought iron railings, iron gates, iron parapets, iron banisters, grilles, wrought iron stairs as well as industrial architecture and furnishing accessories.

Our products guarantee attention to aesthetic achievement and at the same time the technical quality of the materials and workmanship.

In the sections of our site you will find all the insights on our wrought iron products:

- furnishing accessories (verandas, bow windows, gazebos, pergolas, fountains, arcades, but also tents, tables, braziers, roof and much more)

- custom wrought iron gates (metal gates and fences, wrought iron driveway gate, wrought iron gates design, wrought iron fences gates)

- wrought iron balusters (iron balusters stairs, interior wrought iron railing, iron balusters for stairs, wrought iron banister, wrought iron deck railing, wrought iron railing design, wrought iron stair baluster, iron banister and railings for balconies)

- cavedium aeration skylight (Cavedium aeration grid, aeration grid with marble, differtent colour and sizes). Product patented by Botte del Ferro, the only producer in Italy of cavedium aeration skylight, solve forever moisture problems, infiltration, dirt, insects)

- iron wrought stairs (wrought iron spiral stairs, wrought iron stair railing design, wrought iron staircase, wrought iron staircase railing created and designed to fit the style of your home or your building)

- iron railings and grilles for windows (wrought iron security doors, Railings for windows and railings that open, iron fixed, retractable, with French windows, in modern or antique style. The best solution to ensure security to your homes and simultaneously aesthetic, desing, comfort)

- products designed for industrial architecture (shelters, library rooms, dining halls, totems, signs)

We, at Bottega del Ferro, have been turning dreams into reality bringing you custom-built metal gates, fences, railings and stairs since 1984.