Cavedium Aeration Skylight

Replace your traditional grill with the Skylight for air vents by Bottega del Ferro and solve the problems of moisture and dirt without sacrificing the exchange of air and brightness of your underground environments. Since 2011 Bottega del Ferro manufactures and installs aerating skylights made ​​to fit each artifact and responding to various needs required by customers in Italy and abroad. The skylight allows you to ventilate basements even on rainy days and during the winter season by adjusting the constant "micro ventilation". Efficiency and safety make this a stylish  Skylight secure from intrusions.

Bottega del ferro, company leader in the production of custom cavedium aeration skylight

Bottega del ferro is specializing in the production of cavedium aeration skylight.
The speciality vary from wrought iron gates to wrought iron staircase, from metal Gates and fences to interior wrought iron railing.
In this section you can see cavedium aeration skylight with a design personalized, from style both classic and modern.