Furnishing accessories

Urban and civil iron furnishing accessories. Bottega del Ferro is specialized in the manufacture of iron and the traditional iron products. We realize gates, railings for windows and balconies, iron fences, iron stairs, but also what we call iron furnishing accessories. Such products may be useful both for civilians and private buildings and for industrial buildings to enrich the architecture of your indoor and outdoor spaces.

In this section you may see some works done in Brescia, Verona, Bergamo and Milan, furnishing accessories designed and built by Bottega del Ferro. In some cases, these are structures with linear design in other cases genuine crafts accessories with processed and refined design. You will find examples of street furniture, gazebos, fountains, arcades, awnings wrought iron canopies, porches, coffee tables and braziers.

Bottega del ferro, company leader in the production of custom furnishing accessories

Bottega del ferro is specializing in the production of furnishing accessories.
The speciality vary from wrought iron gates to wrought iron staircase, from metal Gates and fences to interior wrought iron railing.
In this section you can see furnishing accessories with a design personalized, from style both classic and modern.