Industrial architecture

Iron industrial architectureworks. These are some of our industrial architecture works done for Copan Group and the University of Brescia. 

Bottega del Ferro, thanks to Omniastrutture, is also specialized in the production of industrial architecture. Our experience allows us to realize accurately, with specific processing procedures for each materials and liking for design, works dedicated to the world of industrial production and large buildings, public or private.

Thanks to the wealth of experience of our industry and our country, which has always specialized in the manufacture of iron and with a strong industrial tradition, Bottega del Ferro is specialized in the realization of works of industrial architecture, capable of enhancing buildings used for productive purposes or institutional processes with valuable interventions. In particular, our industrial warehouses roofs, iron canopies, our reticular spatial steel structure, along with the Omnia Tecnique structures, flagship of Omniastrutture constitute example of how to combine efficiency, endurance and estetito taste.

Bottega del ferro, company leader in the production of custom industrial architecture

Bottega del ferro is specializing in the production of industrial architecture.
The speciality vary from wrought iron gates to wrought iron staircase, from metal Gates and fences to interior wrought iron railing.
In this section you can see industrial architecture with a design personalized, from style both classic and modern.