Wrought iron balusters

Wrought iron stair balusters production, wrought iron railing design

Wrought iron balusters or wrought iron stair balusters, at Bottega del Ferro, we will be by your side when it comes to selecting the model, developing design, positioning as well as shaping the handrail thanks to our over 30-year experience in the wrought iron industry. We make wrought iron stair balusters, iron railings, balcony railings, iron parapets and safety barriers.

Bottega del ferro, company leader in the production of custom wrought iron balusters

Bottega del ferro is specializing in the production of wrought iron balusters.
The speciality vary from wrought iron gates to wrought iron staircase, from metal Gates and fences to interior wrought iron railing.
In this section you can see wrought iron balusters with a design personalized, from style both classic and modern.